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    Tinka says:

    …. That’s not socially appropriate… Even for me.

    No. Never socially appropriate to feel up your co-worker. But it was pretty funny in retrospect, after I got over the shock.

    Victoria says:

    Did she actually talk like this or are you sterotyping?

    Aaron Broverman says:

    I’M ON THE FUCKING FLOOR!!!! LMAO! You should’ve grabbed her back.

    See if the right girl cupped my balls in this way, I can’t say we’d have a problem 😛


    Lezley says:

    You continue to be my hero, Aaron. <3

    part-time reader says:

    I occasionally tune into your comic, and I’m glad to see I have not been disappointed today!

    Sometimes, I’m pressed for time and I’d love to just blip back to the start of your last “comic chain”. It can be a real pain going backwards, because then I am getting the story in reverse. What about the installation of an instant gratification style button which will automatically blip you back to the start of the last “comic chain”, and then the one before that…? Like backwards in the series through the start tags…

    Sorry if I’m being impolite suggesting this. Its really just a selfish idea, to save me time. But, with enough time saved, we could get extra long weekends or something…

    Your suggestion is actually valid and may be possible through comic press’ story line options; a function I have never looked at. Ever. It’s something that I may look into down the road and then be able to offer ‘story arc’ options.

    In the meantime, is it possible that the calendar function on the left side bar or the archive function (the file folder looking thing underneath the comic) may assist in finding your way back?
    I’m the same when reading webcomics – there are several that I read in chunks, every now and then and have to find my way back.

    Actually – WAIT. I’ve got the bookmark installed. HEY! On the left sidebar, right at the top is a little bar with “tag page” and “info” in dark letters on a light background. If you click ‘tag page’ when you’re finished reading, it’ll save your spot and then when you return, click “goto tag” and it’ll bring up the last page you were on.

    SOLVED. Try it! Try it!

    Thanks for reading Bill and thanks for taking the time to comment and share ideas that you think will make the site better!

    Alice Quinn says:

    oh those moments when you are so shocked you can’t do anything but your mouth automatically pops open anyway
    you never forget moments like that

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