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    Sign Vinyl Guy With Plastic Camera says:

    Remember moi? Gave me crap for giving you bad critique. Well, I’m now up to date with your latest stuff. Much better, better narrative and the three panel format is working amazing. Shading/colouring is great to. At some point you should put it together as in a single volume.

    It already IS.
    I’m gearing up to put together Volume II, probably in May or June. The Artfire link will take you there. When I get my web shit together, there will be a store here with paypal buttons. I’m still waiting on Frumph – C’MON BUDDY!! Hurry on with CP 2.9!!!!

    MIchael Cho says:

    Your fans have the weirdest names.

    They are each a unique and cherished snowflake.

    SimmerKimmer says:

    *giggle* to Mr Cho!!

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