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    Victoria says:

    Ouch. My mother refuses to have favourites. However, if you pop out a new born she will be spending a lot of time with you for a short while.

    Your mother is correct. Dorothy was a freak and would say these things in front of ANYONE. I told her once, “Dorothy, you can’t say that – it’s a horrible way to think about your children.” She replied, “Why not? It true.”


    Drezz says:

    Funny you made a strip about Asian mothers being like that.
    Check this out.
    It’s a cultural thing – and its not exclusive to Asians. My mom is
    Hispanic and she was pretty strict about stuff. Its the old country
    ideals of being over-critical of things. My wife can’t take the
    lecturing from my mother, but I learned at an early age to tune her
    out. I assume a lot of these kids ignore the secondary insults
    because they know how much of it is over-exaggeration and stupidity
    on their part.

    Wow – just read the link and I’m partially appalled, and I partially understand…
    I can really get behind the creation of firm boundaries, focus and dedication to a craft or a goal. But there is a very particular focus to the activities and direction – the goal is financial success; there is no room in this Chinese mother’s philosophy for personal growth, art, spiritual pursuits, drama or the creative arts.

    It’s not all about what you make, titles, what you can buy or how much better off you are than someone else. Where is the quality, or the enjoyment of simply being alive… the joy in living and exploring and simply taking breathe? The Chinese mother model does not even allow that as an option.

    Interesting, and timely. I think this style of parenting is an abomination – and it’s not restricted to minority mothers. There are plenty of “white” (why us the word ‘white’? It’s in ni way accurate, nor differentiates between UK, Eastern European, or Australian culture et al. A cultural reference that makes a world of difference when applying childrearing strategies) parents throwing the same emotional bombs at their children.

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