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    Victoria says:

    I think it was a good idea on his part.
    I know you had strong feelings for him but you were driving to obsession town.
    It may be his way of saying “Let Go”

    MIchael Cho says:

    This is the kind of pseudo-interaction that passes for relations in our culture – we “add” and “block” access to one another electronically, turning real connections of the heart into a transient digital commerce of plus and minuses. It seems beyond sad to me.

    bArt says:

    Micheal Cho is right… This is primarily why I don’t Facebook , have deleted my POF profile, avoid Flaky internet relationships and am trying to get away from cell phones… Push button feelings and digital techno-interaction are ruining communication… Sure, its way easier to communicate.. but what quality level of communication is it?

    Just try to say some of those things to a person’s face… The word made flesh is another story altogether. Its easy and also chickenshit to post a big load of electronic whoop dee doo… but, are those things you would be comfortable saying to the person’s face, or is your ego writing a cheque your ass can’t cash?

    This, I feel, should be the new checkpoint question, for everyone, before they write emails, send text messages, chat online, or however Facebook/Twitter and all this other crap works.

    And, I’ll be the first to admit that I am a harsh hypocrite in that I am the king of writing sometimes harsh and not fully thought out emails. But, I genuinely would like to believe that they are all things I’d be comfortable presenting to people, as a way of opening up the floor to further thought on the subject(s) of discussion. When you post a note, or send an email or text… that opening of the floor doesn’t happen…. Its more like the closing of the book. I’m sure we’ve all experienced those text debates or chat arguments, which take things out of context, lead to misunderstanding… and this is especially so for the conversations that end in “going offline” as the final comment ….

    That final all-powerful dismissal… You’ve been e-dissed, you won’t be missed…. and with no recourse, but to feel like a rejected chump and be powerless against rebuttal of internet slander… as people you thought were your friends join in the bashing. You just got crushed by the rumor mill… ground into dust!!!!

    It seems that the ease of these modern communication methods are also is making it easier for our egos to take over our lives, while our clearer thinking higher selves get lost in all the bleeping and blooping, hanging their heads in ultimate shame and disbelief at all these cowardly actions… unable to do anything while the world flushes itself down the toilet.

    I’m certain that was the plan from the beginning…. Stupid Illuminati… You’ve won the battle for our short term consciousnesses, but you haven’t won the war for our long term souls…. Enguard!!!! Hi-Yah!!!

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