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    Jason Marcy says:

    Goddamn. This is sucking so hard, the way this is going down. You’ve really captured that desperation many of us have felt in similar situations (Lord knows, I used to be there, way before the married life…). I actually got all tense inside just reading the snippets of the email in the second panel, it brought up so many memories!!
    Great, amazing work here!!!

    Jules says:

    I agree with Jason Marcy. So brave, so honest. Most of us go through life editing and pretending things like this never happened.

    bArt says:

    Ahh, there’s just nothing like hitting rock bottom of that love addiction barrel!!! No matter how many times we visit that dark place of desperation and identity lost, it will always come as a shock. Just when you think you’re totally over it and have completely learned your lesson, and it is 100% guaranteed to NEVER HAPPEN AGAIN…. there we go down that same old path of habituated routine!

    There will be no confirmation, the other person obviously doesn’t feel the same way, even if they did,….is it that really the kind of person you want in your life as your lover.. someone who would put you through all this guessing, or make you feel so small and insignificant? Who would want a lover like that?

    You would, of course.. b/c the worse they treat you, the more you want them and somehow that little light inside of us all, rationalizes all the obvious points away and clings to the hope that somehow they will see the light!!! GACK!!! I’m going to barf….

    SimmerKimmer says:

    OMG…your brother does the figure 8!!!

    Is it whenever he talks on the phone or only when he’s feeling nervous or awkward?

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