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    Yeah, us Filipinos are too culturally influenced by Westerners so we’ve strayed from the “ideal” of Asian-ness. Loving this Asian-centric series.

    I’m glad you’re loving it. I’m crapping my pants half the time I post wondering when I’m going to get a flaming red pocket through my window. 😛

    jules says:

    Sounds like the rest of the world. Urbanites feel sorry for the lack of culture apparently missing from suburbia. People who live outside city limits are to be pitied except on weekends when fresh air & country vistas are considered desirable (as long as there bank machines nearby and an easy way back to the city, because…after all, you wouldn’t want to live there)

    Country people like the newer, larger & better insulated homes in new suburbia but can’t get over how large the houses are and how small the yards are. City people are aliens who wouldn’t last a day in the “real world”. They also mistake small, fluffy (and admittedly very cute) creatures for dogs, yet insist on dressing them up like dolls and taking them for walks? Doll dogs?

    Suburbanites all dress the same & spend too much time acquiring stuff at huge malls. They also depend heavily on a house number to find their way home as so many houses look alike. They are smug in their insistance that they have the best of life and feel sorry for everyone else.

    jamespencer says:

    I really love the subtlety of expressions going on here!
    Not sure about the bold text, though.

    Too much bold? What bothers you? What would you like to see?

    Some bold is necessary with such a large block of uninterrupted dialogue. It’s visually boring and lacks punch or emphasis without.

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