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    MIchael Cho says:

    What is he hitting you with in that 2nd panel? In my mind, I keep thinking it should be a tazer.

    Some sort of medieval horsewhip… it needed to leave whip marks. Electrical burns are also good.

    Alice Quinn says:

    I thought it was Inkstud reaching through the internet & whipping you this his beard braid.

    Hahahahahahahahahaaaaaa!!! That works too… meheheee.

    You’re catching up – almost there!

    Alice Quinn says:

    I know it makes me sad 🙁
    though you update regularly it is not like when I got up to date with BNS which feels like it is ending,
    in any case I look forward to reading your strip as it is meant to be read 🙂

    I prefer it when I’ve got a couple weeks worth if strips to read. I purposely won’t check The Devil’s Panties or GWS until there’s a good bite of material…

    Lezley says:

    Oooops – that was supposed to reply to Alice way up top…. mrrrrrr.

    Alice Quinn says:

    ha, yeah I just got up to date last night,
    I think I am going to take your advice & be back in a couple of weeks
    till then I will see you on facebook & twitter
    btw I reallly like Peeling Onions

    Glad you like it Alice – thanks for all your comments!

    Jason Marcy says:

    What an ass… Completely uncalled for and NOT cool.
    The last panel needs a t-shirt for it to go on..

    Jules says:

    Inkstud…NO! Bonehead BOY…YES!
    I really relish the last panel – take that Bonehead Boy!

    MIchael Cho says:

    I hate to be the odd man out here, but I have to take a different stance. If Lezley is allowed and forgiven by the audience for her own self-admitted acts of irrational behaviour, shouldn’t “inkstud” also be allowed the same lee-way? I’m not accusing anyone of hypocricy, I’m just suggesting that perhaps compassion is a better route to closure.

    Jason Marcy says:

    I guess cause I know Lezley and don’t really know “inkstud” from Adam, I’m biased. I’m far more concerned about her well being than his because she’s my friend, I guess…

    Victoria says:

    I agree 100%.

    bArt says:

    Yep, its all fun and games, until someone’s love isn’t reciprocated… then its out with the labels.. psycho this, stalker that, etc… Funny how the same doting, attention and concern when things were perceived as “good”, and feelings were closer to mutual, was considered more like positive and compassionate. We might even label it, “love”… or, at least, “strong like”…

    I hate it when everything changes on you and it feels like you’re the last one to find out… or maybe just realize that you’ve been hung out to dry… yesterday’s wet-hot steamy romance, today’s forgotten on the line, sun bleached linen… Where’s the courtesy? Hell-O!!!

    Unless, of course, the person was just using you to make themselves feel good, and never had any intention of taking it to any kind of intimate level… turning you into just another cheap thrill… like a donut or a cigarette.. consumed for its effects, then discarded or digested out the old poop chute after is brain chemical altering thrill! Young people today, like the kind that Lezley defiled…;-), have especially been exposed to the effects of being raised in a consumer society, where we just take what we “need” and discard the plastic wrapping.

    Yet, at the same time… on the other side of the “not into you anymore” coin…. Sometimes you gotta be cruel, to be kind… because you know Lez, that if he’d have responded with compassion to your desperation… that you would have taken it as a “crack in the door” chance for another go at that hot, young ink stud… and that would have likely led to another downward love illusion spiral, even further imprisoning yourself in a relationship based on power and control, where someone else dictates your sex/love dosages and times, which are continually increasing and seemingly never enough…

    The effects of staying in an unbalanced relationship, long term, will take much much longer to get rid of. Sometimes we meet these lifeless husks of people, who are continually drained from the power imbalance… and its just so sad to see our once mighty compatriots… feeble and weak, whipped to the bone, with someone else controlling them.. Like that evil consultant wizard, who “poisoned the mind of the King” in Lord of the Rings!

    So, you should be grateful that the universe granted you his immaturity as grand finale door closer, which isn’t to say that 5 years from now, you won’t “re-meet” at a comic show and “re-kindle” the romance, when you are both more balanced and ready.

    While all relationships are seemingly unbalanced in one way or another, the difference with a “healthy” relationship (if they even exist in a long term fashion in today’s age!) seems to lie in one sole quality: the mutual reciprocation of wanting to be in the relationship and continually work things out, as they continually and inevitably arise. Without that, you are just a booty call, no matter how badly you want it to be more.

    For all of us who would like to take the high road and say Ink Stud is a douche… think back to a relationship where you didn’t echo the same level of feelings for someone. Where things started to spiral out of control. For whatever reason, be it “fear of long-term commitment” or “disappearing spark” or whatever… it led to the dissolution of the relationship, with the other person still wanting… Most of us have had at least one… even if it was back in grade school…

    Who can honestly say that they didn’t want to kind of “hold onto” the person’s attention/like for them… even if they knew that they didn’t feel exactly the same way? Who can honestly say that they would fully back away from a person that was attractive enough, for now… but not “totally the right person”, which we seem to almost instinctively know…

    Even people with significant others, who end up meeting other people that have “little crushes” on them…. We all know what the right thing to do is… but yet the more inaccessible we are.. the more we are craved and the cycle continues. And, when you’re significant other can seem unappreciative… the grass starts looking mighty green doesn’t it?

    Also, Lez… think back to all those dudes in your earlier comics, who would come by the art store, with their un-reciprocated “love” for you and how they came across or were intuitively labeled by your comic!

    Could they not have been feeling the same way you are now in this comic? Would they be justified in calling you an uncaring person? People without social skills have longings and feelings and hearts like we all do as humans. And, you never even gave them a chance! They could have been really amazing people and lovers.. and you’d never know.

    So, long story short… which it never is with me…

    No one wants to feel like a stalker or a psycho… so why do we use these harsh labels, reserved for people who have been convicted of being criminals, on otherwise genuine and normal people, who may seem a bit odd, or quirky? Shouldn’t everyone at least be granted the opportunity to prove themselves? Are we justified in our rash and continual judgments of each other, made in the blink of an eye… without even knowing the real story?

    TL DR!!!

    Okay Bart – you’re being warned. This is the last monologue I allow through. Keep it short sweet and to the point. Imagine for a moment you don’t hate and despise Twitter and texts and try and keep it within 140 characters.

    View it as a ‘writing exercise’.

    Jules says:

    For me it all comes down to the pattern of life and we can talk til the cows come home about varying factors that may or may not affect anything. I know Lezley to be an intelligent, intense, dynamic individual who speaks her truth. I support her as Ink Studs’s fellows will, no doubt, support him. Two sides to every story, coin, river…whatever analogy floats your boat…of course. We are human, limited by our intelligence, experience, imagination and emotion. As these factors change and grow…I guess we do too.

    bArt says:

    Yes, I know Lezley to be all of these things, too. I just thought that maybe a bigger picture could be seen before we all jump on the bandwagon, since every situation is unique and worthy of our full attention, which I was attempting to give. I spent, but possibly wasted, 2 hours trying to articulate the way I felt after reading the comic and the post ed comments. Comments I wouldn’t have made if I too wasn’t free to speak my truth.

    But, since I am free to speak my truth, and have been trained from an early age by the Queen of truth speaking, Lezley….

    I was only trying to add to my thoughts on the matter, which I assumed I was free to do. I thought this was an open, public comment forum put forth for the purposes of open and honest communication and a pursuit of higher learning. If I’m not welcome to comment, I just won’t anymore. Pardon me for following your comic and taking an active interest in it/your life.

    Just delete my comments if they don’t float your boat… or aren’t worthy of the 15 seconds they take to read. Its YOUR website, and your the one who moderates it.

    cough, cough.. *censorship*

    ..it’s not because I want to censor you – I want you to have your say along with everyone else…

    -but 14 paragraphs? TOO LONG.

    bArt says:

    I’m just sooooo bored in The Skatch…

    bArt says:

    If anything, you should be flattered that your comic inspired me to such depths of introspection and actually motivated me to put forth, what I considered a true comment worthy of Lezley’s website….

    But, instead, why not bash it, since it may have a contrary or unpopular viewpoint.

    Well, sorry, I’m far enough removed from this situation to see that its Lezley’s wounded self, swearing, blaming and victimizing herself… and not her higher self, whom I know to be much stronger, secure and stable within. That is the woman that men are attracted to.

    I personally feel that Lezley shattered her own trust, by giving it away to someone who she knew, right from the beginning, wasn’t worthy of it, b/c she wanted a piece of ass or believed in some kind of fairytale romance. What else would you expect from someone, who is so much less mature? We’ve all experienced enough heartbreak and surely there are no shortcuts to “true love”. It should take a long time to build up to that level of intimacy. Its a foundation of time, hard work and mutual commitment that will prevail or recede, in any proposed union.

    This failed relationship was a lesson, one I’ve heard/experienced before and that I’ll probably hear/experience again…. and one that will be repeated time and again, until its learned! I’m not trying to be hypocritical.. but maybe just paint a clear picture, for myself even, as I see a lot of myself in angry victimized Lezley….

    Will all this “support” from all of your “friends”, really solve the root problem? heal you and make you feel better? Or, just justified?

    Why do we give our power away? Lezley herself was the one who told me that there is only one person in the world who know what’s best for us.. and that person is US!!

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