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    Ty says:

    Just to continue the tightrope walk that is this arc’s racial profiling: so, like… big eyes? Compared to who?

    In this instance it’s in comparison to all other Asian groups which the speaker is not. Racial profiling? Really?
    Nope. Just experiences at the Asian mall.

    Rhys says:

    Agreed with Ty – You ARE racially profiling, even if that’s not the intention, you really are skating on razor thin ice & backing up cliches and stereotypes. It’s like you’ve never encountered someone who isn’t white. I can’t wait for your African story arc. Your dialogue in http://lezleydavidson.com/2011/01/14/01-14-2011/ is really offputting.

    That being said, this arc is incredibly drawn out.

    Says the white boy from Newcastle which is such a multi-culturally diverse city as to have zero ethnic demographics on it’s wikipedia page. It’s significant that the only people who have any problem with this particular story arc are white men; I wonder why that is?

    Maybe you’ve never worked with an immigrant from Hong Kong, because the dialogue is real – perhaps accented English is off-putting to you?

    As for the length of the story arc, you are welcome to not return.

    Thanks for your participation – have a nice day.

    Rhys says:

    I don’t live in Newcastle, never have. It’s the nearest ‘city’ to where I live, but I don’t live in it’s district.

    I guess I was imagining the growing Sudanese population and the entire asian district when I visit the city.. Don’t base what you know about me and my locale on what wiki-freaking-pedia says. Just as ME, I’ll fill you in. I don’t presume to know ANYTHING about Canada, please don’t assume to know anything about where I’m from (especially from what the wiki tells you, cmon…). That only seems fair. It was just a little startling to see the way you’re portraying Asian people, that’s all.

    Sure, the dialogue is real – for Minh off of King of The Hill. =P

    Don’t be so utterly snarky Lezley, jesus christ. I drop in on the site from time to time, and check the blog and see what you’ve posted.

    Probably a coincidence that two white males have commented, I don’t think it’s anymore than that.

    I’m still going to come to the site now and then, but I definitely won’t be commenting on anything again. I won’t sully your site with my filth anymore.


    Jules says:

    I read at the top of this page that this is an autobiographical strip. I took that to mean that this is actually based on Lezley’s real life experience working at Pacific Mall which is an asian mall as explained previously. If she’s just illustrating, via this strip, her true-to-life experiences, and you judge it to be racial profiling, who’s really racial profiling here?

    I’d like to hear from some Asian readers and find out what they think. I’ll bet some find it offensive, others will see humour, and some will pretend one or the other while secretly thinking the opposite…JUST LIKE THE REST OF THE WORLD DOES when it’s our turn…again.

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