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    bArt says:

    You are all those things, Lezley… with or without your Inkstud!!!

    You’re right and it’s true.
    But I won’t deny that I glowed with him… even when I talked about him – I felt alive and shiny. It was nice ~ I’m glad it happened.

    bArt says:

    I hear ya… There is just something totally awesome about the synchronization of two lovers in the positive realm, while it lasts, feeding and growing off of one another… But, when the harmony gets outta whack… everything slides away in a colossal mudslide, stripping the land bare, and it takes so long before anything will grow again, not to mention building a new foundation. I’m glad you had a good time…

    A wise surfer once said to me: “its the summertime; take what you can get for waves and women”…

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