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    Victoria says:

    The moment I see Indian food I turn into a monster like the Hulk and run around trying to eat all the yummy before anyone else gets at it.

    Oh and I almost died from those weird things in bubble tea. My boyfriend will say otherwise but I don’t care, that was a screy moment and I will never touch bubble tea again. NEVER.

    Lezley says:

    Yah – total choking hazard with the giant straws… and as far as I’m concerned, the bubbles are just taking up yummy taro milk tea space. Stupid bubbles.

    Aaron Broverman says:

    I love sushi and Chinese too, but I have yet to find sushi that compares in price and quality to what can be found in Vancouver. Do you know of anywhere where I can get pieces of fish big enough to dangle off the rice on Nagiri or a spicy tuna cone as big as a dunce cap?

    All I find are these ridiculously small pieces that are so overpriced for what you get. In Vancouver, you can get a party tray for $15 some places

    another..#TorontoFAIL Please help!

    Blah, blah, blah, Vancouver love, blah, blah, Toronto fail, blah, blah, blah, BORING.

    Jules says:

    I love it when the sushi is bite size for me. I like to avoid choking on sticky rice & salmon.
    Cutting sushi never works. I find the bigger sushi sometimes result in soy sauce leaking on my clothes as I struggle to handle a large sushi piece. Man…I love sushi…I AM SO HUNGRY NOW. Hurry lunchtime!

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