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    Jules says:

    I recognize that cat move. Damn fluffy cat tails.

    So beautiful and damaging. Maui normally makes a swipe when I’ve got an almost full glass of… anything. I’m sure he plans it that way – maximum suckage.

    Victoria says:

    My cat does that too. Also, I do jigsaw puzzles, my cat knows i don’t like it when he knocks it around. So, when he isn’t getting what he wants, he will walk up to the puzzle and whack it, often breaking bits of it.

    Ha!!! I love your cat Victoria – what a badass!

    Maui did this because he wanted to be on my lap and my computer was in the way…

    Stephanie says:

    My Misha doesn’t bother trying to be coy or sly when she wants to knock things over. She gets up on the desk or table, looks me in the eyes, then without blinking, she just slowly pushes things off the edge.

    I think she keeps count of how many it takes before I react. 🙂

    I’m SO doing a comic about that. Do you think Misha would mind? Should I use a pseudonym and change her appearance?

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