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    Tinka says:

    My daughter stared at me like I had sprouted a second head when I explained that it’s ok to drink straight from your bowl at the sushi place. I’m pretty sure she still things I’m bullshitting her. (I do it anywhere too)

    Haha!! My mom looks at me that way… this way is superior food delivery. Bar none.

    Chris Howard says:

    We do a lot of stupid things in honour of ‘what’s right’, despite it being stupid. I’d include religion, but don’t wanna open any worm cans.

    …but Peeling Onions loves open Cans ‘o’ Worms. Feel. Free.

    Jason Marcy says:

    THANK GOD. I knew I was smart to eat food this way!! If only I could convince Kris and then she’d stop spilling on herself by doing it the “proper” way…

    YOU. Are the smartest. I’m here as proof of the none spillage – look, it’s in a COMIC. That MUST mean it’s TRUE.

    salgood says:


    I also like using chop sticks, have them at home too, because they slow me down. Tend to eat too fast otherwise.

    I don’t know if it’s true, but living in Kensington market when i was little [next to Chinatown in Toronto] i was told that in china amongst the working class lunch time crowd, the only thing considered rude was watching others eat. Anyone gives me grief for picking up the bowl or inadvertently making slurping sounds or whatever, i fall back on that as my response and keep on keeping on. 🙂

    Good plan. My whole thing is doing what works and drinking from the bowl WORKS.
    *hi-fives brutha*

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