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    Stephanie says:

    After my alarm goes, Pixie just sits next to my bed and yells at me incessantly. Misha understands the value of sleeping in and being quiet – she either remains quietly in bed and we both ignore the Pixie, or she goes to the kitchen and sits quietly next to the dish and looks hungry.

    Victoria says:

    Mine doesn’t wait for my mums alarm, he meows when ever he wants. Infact, one time my mom woke up to alarm, started to do her morning thing and then kind of freaked out when she realised there was no cat bugging her. She searched the house and finally came into my room, to find my cat still alseep on the computer chair. Little guy was all “oh, hey, is it food time already?”

    Ha! – yah, that’s so true. I say that cats are creatures of routine but then, so am I. Every night I come home from work, my cats greet me as soon as I come in, or shortly after. One night there was no cats. I called, no cats. I seriously freaked out and started to call and look outside and check closets and call some more. Then I found them both curled up asleep in the clothes hamper looking at me as if I’d lost my mind.

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