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    Victoria says:

    Hahaha that is a problem on my street. Their is always someone who dislikes what another neighbor is doing to their frontyard.

    The majority of my neighbours are retired and they delight in crispy lawn edging and manicured beds.
    I’m the small, ugly, slightly retarded middle child.

    Jules says:

    Love birds & dandelions. Really…REALLY dislike those curved scalloped cement thingys people use to “garden”. Yup, I am a cement thingy snob.

    I concur, but I know you have spiffy nice bricka bricks around your beds.

    Also… I feel you are suggesting hidden meaning with “love birds & dandelions”. Subtle commentary, perhaps?

    Jules says:

    But I like it best when the plants overgrow & hide the cement bricka bricks. Only takes 3 years or so and a complete lack of bed care. Wait…that sounds like another “subtle commentary” but we know I am not that smart or clever ;]

    Smarterererer & more clevererererer.

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