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    Sydney says:

    lawn’s are an environmental disaster anyway. Jon did this thing where he covered our front lawn with plastic, then covered the plastic with cedar chips. Viola…no more lawn! He has a few big flower pots out there for a bit of colour….looks pretty good.

    Nice! Sounds great… I’m planning on getting rid of it all and planting some bee/bird/butterfly friendly Ontario native wildflowers.

    …but time and money – you know.

    dgriff13 says:

    do we have the same neighbors?

    We also have the stigma of the owners-of-years-past, who always kept the lawn “soft as a carpet, and green as an emerald”. greeeeeeeat.

    Oh dear… luckily the previous owners did nothing with the yard either, so I’m saved from that particular shame!

    Victoria says:

    At least the neighbor is being positive and not going “That isn’t good enough!” or “about time!!! LAZY WOMAN!!”

    Too true. I should be happy that he’s trying to indirectly manipulate my behaviour. 😛

    Alice Quinn says:

    you should pay a teenage boy to mow your lawn 😉

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