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    Jay says:

    “Whiny little bitch” as a tag? Nasty. Someone will not be pleased. Heehee

    Right – and your bringing attention to it makes it less noticeable. Shit disturber.

    whiny little bitch says:

    Yes, well, I hadn’t know Sang-Won long enough yet, to trust his immeasurable wisdom, which is to be unquestioned at all times, for all eternity. Compound that with the fear of $20 martinis… that is enough to make the fiscally challenged shiver. Those plane tickets all around the world don’t pay for themselves, y’know….

    By the way.. Saskatoon was recently just voted #1 city for ingenuity in Canada…. Oh, what was Toronto’s # again… oh, yeah… 96. Gotta love that prairie spirit.. they make something out of nothing… literally…

    Jay says:

    Point taken.

    Lezley says:

    I would like to point out that “whiny little bitch” posted his comments from:

    Just so’s you know.

    ROTFLMAO says:

    OMG…Lezley don’t DO that…my water came out of my nose – I swear!!!


    Lezley says:

    Great – glad I could make you choke on it – but it’s all Bart. He actually used that as his email addy.

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