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    Victoria says:

    That’s it? Just, done? But… But… there was so much you could go with on Fridays comic.

    lezley says:

    Ahhh Victoria – but that was it. We had our drinks on the patio and left.

    Did you get my email about our Bart?

    Victoria says:

    I did, then lost it. 🙁 I think I deleted it during my mass delete of old emails, often facebook emails, old homework, soical groups and stuff like that. :/

    Please, send his e-mail again, I will find some time to sit down and write him a very short letter.

    Lezley says:

    Oh good. I was afraid I’d become creepy stranger matchmaker… Oh – still kinda! Please don’t allow it to become any kind of stress in your life – we’ve got enough legit stress to keep us going!

    Victoria says:

    You’re not a creepy stranger match maker, we have met once.

    Lezley says:

    Yes, I remember. But still… I’m glad I’m not creepy (yay!).

    creepy guy? says:

    Yeah… I haven’t met her at all… so, I was feeling creepy too, really creepy…. Trying to meet girls off of my cousin’s comic website…. shameful…. absolutely so…
    Just so rare to hear… “sounds like the kind of guy, I’d have a crush on”, right next to the picture of me being a homeless shredd bum… but, still a cute one who’s good in the forest… I hope… gack!

    punktuation master says:

    I think, actually, that is an illegal use of an apostrophe next to the word friends in frame 1. The way you write it would only be correct if you were talking about your friends’ friend. Indicating the friend of all of or, a group of, your friends (plural). The correct usage would have been no usage at all. You’ve been warned…

    Bart says:

    I love you too!!!!!!!!!! I think its totally amazing.. and just unbelievable. your eye for detail…. and your memory of the events, too… I’m literally flabbergasted to see the whole saga unfold, immortalized forever in ink… I’m finally a cartoon… I always knew it would happen sooner or later, ever since Roger Rabbit. So how do we get in the movies now? Oh yeah, by staying up all night in resort plazas that have been converted into Hollywood movie sets, filling our faces with donuts… Any one up for a little Hot Tub Time Machine?

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