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    E-Cheater Guy/Girl says:

    He he he… yes.. I rely on a steady stream of unwitting online daters, fooled by the clever marketing of dating companies, which promise that which cannot be promised. Like, happiness and fulfillment, with a partner. Modern telecommunications allow me to woo several marks at a time. I can live with one, while texting the other often enough to make them think I am just a really busy person. Mwah ha ha…. Take that, person from the 4th grade who rejected me… and/or my absentee legal guardian. Social Chaos for all!!!!!!

    Victoria says:

    * giggles* Fantasy Man Servies.

    Lezley says:

    …and WHY does my fantasy man look like a crack addict???I drew him – couldn’t I have done better for myself?


    Art imitates life. Clearly relationships with the man-types is not a strength.

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