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    Victoria says:

    He seems like a guy I would have a crush on. Hahahaha

    Bartron says:

    Yes.. those are the kinds of girls I’ve specifically filtered out, through my lifestyle… They can go back to their boxes (apartments, cubicals, etc.) and continue their dreaming about meeting a guy who is different. This leaves that rare diamondesque percentage of open-minded lovelies behind. The kind of girl I would want to meet, who can reciprocate similar qualities of adventurousness, passion, selflessness, and who can turn anything into a romantic gourmet cuisine, with a few candles and a little creativity. The kind of person who wakes up next to the beach and waves, or minutes away from a mountain and an epic POWder day. Who wants to go Shredd? Or, make love in the forest maybe?

    lezley says:

    Okay Mr. Romance… easy on the cheese.
    You like your wet-suit? Are the sideburns sideburn-y enough for you? It makes no difference what you say – I’ll continue to do it like I like.

    Bartron says:

    Crotch looks kind of funny… did you have a hard time drawing it? Yeah.. I guess that’s cartoon me.. at your mercy… Please be gentle, I’m sensitive.. and completely sincere about my comments. 😛 Only cheeze in my life is on the salad for dinner..

    I drew your crotch as Ken doll… something’s there – but I don’t know what, and I don’t care to find out.

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