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    Bartron says:

    Its true… Lezley was there for me when no one else was… Unlikely I would be here today, or as happy and aware as I am, without Lezley’s spiritual guidance in the beginning, to make sense of things… Later on, I started to answer my own questions, as we all must. But for an only child in his teens, who was depressed (It was ’94, Cobain was dead, and murdered to boot!) it really saved me to have someone older to talk to with some positive energy. I’ll always be in your debt for that Lez… You opened my eyes to the world! And, I’m sorry things were so one sided earlier on in life.. I’m trying to make up for it now. Since I’m so rock solid stable, in my 30s…….. 🙂

    It’s all you Bart – you were smart enough to recognize my obvious wisdom (bwah ha!!).

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