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    Jules says:

    I have a list of about 4 people in my life who can come to my house unannounced & will be admitted regardless of the state of my home.
    Maybe we should band all together and form a club and get special insurance rates…no too formal, smacks of “system”. Maybe it’s enough to know we are not alone…or… maybe it’s time to kick ourselves in the ass and try harder at the cleaning & organizing thing. Who knows, and now that I’ve typed this out…WHO CARES!

    I refuse to allow anyone to dictate to me what is ‘acceptable’ in my own house… including why I should be responsible for admitting people to my home who don’t have the decency to pre-arrange a visit.

    I spend my time doing activities that I enjoy…. which sometimes includes cleaning. Just not often enough apparently.
    *also not caring*

    Chris Howard says:

    Second-hand dishwasher is your friend. You can sorta hide them away, so things look tidier, and every so often, the magic fairy washes them while you sleep.

    You still have to take them out and put them away though.

    THIS. Is a great idea.

    simmerkimmer says:

    ugh…I feel like a filthy mess ALL the time..clutter clutter clutter!!!

    Carol says:

    Nobodies business but your own how you keep you house.

    Aaron Broverman says:

    You’re like me in the house keeping dept. that’s why I pay someone to do it. (Still not often enough) I just don’t care who shoes up, they get what they get regardless and I could careless what they think.

    Just yesterday, I let in the maintainence guy to fix my smoke detector while still wearing only my boxers… yeah, that’s right…boxers.

    How much does it cost to hire someone to clean your house?

    Jules says:

    Tonite I weigh the options. On one hand I have a fat, George R. Martin book & a pretty good glass of red wine, not to mention bite size brownies. On the other hand I have a room some might a kitchen if you could see any actual surface. Book, wine, brownies…dirty kitchen…really no contest. Will I feel guilty tomorrow? YUP and I’ll start a healthy diet also (for about 2 hours) and then the cycle begins again.


    I would choose books and brownies; except that I always choose comics. I have become one dimensional.

    kim says:

    I think its fishy when people have emaculate houses – what are you hiding, I wonder to myself. Either they are hiding something if they do it themself, or they hire someone to do it. Either way you feel less of an intimacy with the home owner I feel.

    I really like making something clean that was messy. Buy my liking / wanting to do that is in conflict with how quickly it gets messy again.

    I don’t really want to share my home messy with everyone. Even when you come over I have preparation to clean up SOME things.

    There are a handful of people I’ll admit to my house unannounced. You are one of them.

    (what could I possibly be hiding from you anyway???? Ha!!)

    kim says:

    Ya it feels good to make the messy clean when you are into it. And some messy is indicative of a life being lived and commitments being had to things. I feel honored to be one of the chosen messy-seers, thank you!

    Victoria says:

    My mum went away for a month and the house got messy fast.

    I mostly have school notes and homework laying everywhere but the dishes are over due and um… the house could do with a quick vacuum.

    I LOVE those cats in this comic.

    The moment I am done folding my laundry my cat is sleeping on top of it before a blink of an eye. Anything new we bring in, he’s on it, sleeping on/in it or rubbing against it. He has to make sure his smell is on everything!

    I’m sending this comic to my mum … then I must hang my laundry to dry. (Yeah I do it the European way).

    Hanging is way better for your clothes. Apparently we burn the crap out of our fabrics in the dryer. My bras are proof…

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