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    Ooo! and happy Remembrance Day… or whatever missive is appropriate for not forgetting about war and stuff.
    Happy just doesn’t sound right.

    Victoria says:

    I had this really weird dream last night. I was in Amsterdam, but they had these small odd shop stalls. One guy, who was really mean was selling comics. He was selling your book! I was like “OH!!! She has gone overseas”. For some reason I was trying to get a job, selling those comics, but like I said, the guy was mean. Suddenly I was in an actually comic/graphic novel like shop, you know a real shop, with doors and an inside. I got hired from the boss and then you came in, wanting a job too. Which the boss hired you too. There were good vibes all arond.

    That’s all I remember about my dream. I guess I shouldn’t read your comic and watch Dutch Television shows late at night.

    Ha!! That’s so great – when I’m actually overseas, I’ll have to make a comic about how Victoria saw it first in her psychic vision. Too bad the mean guy was selling it. Too bad I’m all comics international, but I still need to get a job in a comic shop (haa!!!).
    Yay to the good vibes – it’s ‘cuz we rock so awesome, everyone loves being around us. It’s true.

    Bart says:

    I was in Amsterdam this summer… I too came across a small odd shop stall, but the pretty lady behind the glass wasn’t selling comics…. and the young family consisting of Mom, Dad and 3 preteen daughters, weren’t buying comics… Nor was the young affluent looking couple pushing a stroller… I wonder what they were looking for? Ahhh, Amsterdam… the perfect family vacation…

    Lezley says:

    When were you in Amsterdam? Before or after Scotland?

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