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    Stephanie says:

    Is that Maui eating soup with a spoon? Or poking something suspicious with a stick…
    And poor Patchie clinging on at the back of the chair…

    I’m sure you’ve heard this eleventeen million times already but you draw really well. Sometimes I wish I could draw, I’d like to punctuate my blob now and then with little drawings.


    Oops – Maui is licking his paw and the spoon is in front of him. Thank you for the drawing compliments, but that is clearly a drawing fail.
    Anyone can draw – the being good part just takes some time and patience. If you want, you can get good too.

    Stephanie says:

    Not a drawing fail, just a perspective fail – I see what you mean now… it’s just with his paw right behind the spoon… 😉

    Perspective fail IS drawing fail. Thanks for crushing my soul. Just kidding… kinda.

    Victoria says:

    I also thought the cat was playing with the spoon.

    I am taking art classes, I and maybe another girl in the class are complete beginners. However, just last week my teacher made a huge deal on how much I have improved the past few weeks. I would be even better if I would get off the computer and draw at home.

    So, if I can improve in art, so can you! Give it a try. :p

    Jules says:

    aaahhh! A picture really is worth a thousand words.

    Lezley says:

    Screw it – the cat IS playing with the spoon.

    MIchael Cho says:

    that’s the answer you shoulda gone with from the beginning 🙂

    Agreed – I’ll know better for next time… 🙂

    Stephanie says:

    So it wasn’t drawing fail or perspective fail – it was answer fail. 😀

    Serena says:

    oh my. haha, what a picture.

    Lezley says:

    …nice, right? BUT, the important thing is that THE CAT IS PLAYING WITH THE SPOON!

    Stephanie says:

    Now I’m trying to guess what everything is… at the far right, is that a box of cookies? Like where the cookies are all arranged in a row? Or it could also be a box of frozen hashbrowns… they come in a row like that too. Then the next one is obviously a pizza box. Then there’s Maui eating soup. A potato-chip bag? Then a coffee cup. Then there’s what I think is a hamburger-box. Next to that… I don’t know. Another box of something lined up in a row. More cookies? More hashbrowns? Then a drink… then an apple. The last two things on the left though have me baffled. The thing at the back looks like a big bag of something, that’s been sliced open. But the thing just infront of that, I can’t even guess at.
    But I need to know! I need closure!

    Hey! Look at you with a picture!

    Box of cookies, box of cookies… I also thought they looked like hashbrowns, but they’re the Chinese grocery store variety. Potato chip bag, coffee cup, hamburger box is in fact a dim sum containter… an order of har gow. The thing in the back is the pillow off my chair (drawing FAIL)… and the thing in front of it is a half eaten, poorly wrapped wrap. DRAWING FAIL TIMES INFINITY.

    Leanne says:

    I LOVE this! hahaha Everyone needs down-time …. some of us just take it further than others! lol

    Oh PLEASE… like this strip isn’t looking in the mirror. 🙂

    Leanne says:

    Only on Saturday nights after deliveries when the kids are gone! Shhhh – don’t tell!!!! lol

    This is the most comments on anything that I’ve posted… Apparently, I should leave things up for days and create a drawing debate…


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