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    Bart says:

    Guess you’re just one horny, diverse lady, rolling through dudes as fast as you can say “shadow side”…. hee hee hee. Kind of trippy to see all your lovers in a row like that, eh? DoucheBag looks like Micheal Jackson… What were you thinking again? ;-P Seriously though, what draws (very punny!) us time and time again, to these freaky flaky people, who seem so attractive, at first? Mmmmmm, flaky….

    Lezley says:

    OMG – douche bag TOTALLY looks like Michael Jackson!! I secretly thought that after I posted and hoped someone would comment. Leave it to Bart…. yay BART!

    Lezley says:

    Who says they ever stop being attractive?

    Fate says:

    Beats me? You humans just love chasing love… Much like dogs and cars, what would you ever do, if you caught one? Probably just pee on it…

    Jason Marcy says:

    Is that last guy who I think it is?

    Lezley says:

    I have no idea to what you are referring… *coff*coff*

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