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    Jason Marcy says:

    EXACTLY. It was REAL. I never had any belief in my mind you might meet someone on POF that would “click” (though I had high hopes, believe me!). It all happens where and when you LEAST expect it!

    john says:

    Oh gross. She brought a real human brain!!

    Sorry. Just watched Jill Bolte Taylor’s presentation

    Leanne says:

    It’s the YUMMY cheesy garlic bread swimming in garlic butter!!!!

    Bart says:

    I just started a POF profile… and its totally amazing… as a writer, I’m completely at home.

    And, in the Sasky… all the guys are huge idiots that have 2 line profiles and can’ t think of anything better to message other than “sit on my face”, to all the ultra hot women, begging for a real guy… there’s just sooo many.. I had no idea beautiful women were so desperate, as to resort to internet dating…

    I’m like.. here I am… its me, its me!!!! I’m that sweet and sincere guy you’re dreaming of.. except, I’ll be gone in a week… BOO to transiency… 😛

    Any of the girls I can get to actually believe my sincere profile, are totally enamored. I’m loving it, but all this messaging is making me soooo tired…

    Totally worth it, though.. within 24 hours, of starting a profile, I was hanging at this chick’s house, with her and 2 other super hot, like-minded ladies… Nothing happened, of course… but I’ve way got 3 new friends and potential!!!

    Sweet, sweet potential… its almost better than the real deal.. b/c possibility as a potential unit is irrefutable… Like a lottery ticket that you never check… it could still be a winner, as long as you don’t check!!!! I could be a love millionaire!! WOO HOO!!

    I hope CSIS doesn’t start using my pof profile to track me, though… I bet their spider bots have already scanned your website for this comment, drawn to my typing the of the words “CSIS” and have started tracking my every move…


    Good luck with that. I met douche bags and baby-makers. Real life provided me with much more interesting options. I’m hooked on real. It’s nice here in the real.

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