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    Tinka says:

    You know, I’ve lived in the GTA my entire life and I have never been to P-Mall.

    This is a travesty that should be remedied. Even just to acquire some bubble tea.

    Victoria on her laptop says:

    Me too.

    I have always wanted to go though.

    You must go. It is an experience.

    Carol says:

    Here we go!!

    simmerkimmer says:

    surprise surprise..I’ve never been there (I never ever leave my bubble) LMAO!

    jules says:

    The differences between our cultures is host to so many comedic moments. Spending time in Pacific Mall makes me feel like the giant Stay Puff marshmallow man in “Ghost Busters”! A pale, doughy giant lumbering through, talking too loudly no matter how I whisper.

    Alice Quinn says:

    I love P-mall !
    except every time I go there I can’t help but spend at least 20$ in the arcade

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