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    Jules says:

    Know how you feel. Kinda.
    On the bright side…panel 3 is so sadly beautiful…and so beautifully sad…sniff.

    I love how the sadly beautiful panel is the bright side.
    The Tarry boat floats on.

    Carol says:

    Well put Lezley and my feelings, as far as holidays, are the same as yours. Just doesn’t seem to be anything we can do to fill the holiday spirit that is missing……maybe one day.

    Brudda says:


    My two cents…I don’t think that there ever will be somewhere for your anchor to go.
    He was Dad. The only one I ever wanted…warts and all.
    I have only come to realize how much I loved him now that he isn’t here for me to tell him…over and over and over.
    That anchor is gonna get awfully heavy…you know where to find me…if you need help with it.

    Love you.

    …that made me bawl my eyes out. Luckily I’m in the office and not on the floor scaring away the customers.
    It’s the most heart breaking to think he doesn’t know how much with love him and how much we miss him. Of course he does.
    Love you too.

    Carol says:

    You’re not crying alone my dear.

    Love you much


    Aaron Broverman says:


    Support is always here if you need it.

    Panel 3 should be your next standalone print, giving voice to pain’s common experience.


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