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    Adam says:

    This bears no resemblance whatsoever to my bedroom.

    Also, I love the new buttons and the navigation in the header. Well done!

    Adam says:

    Err, header navigation seems gone. It was there a couple of days ago!! #notcrazy!

    What do you mean header navigation? The arrows on the menu bar or the home return on the header?

    Adam says:

    I could swear there were arrows beside the RSS feed button.

    Yah, there used to be. When I added more pages, it got all big and double-sized – so I took them away.

    Adam says:

    Good bye, navigation arrows. You will be missed.

    I do love the icons under the comic, and the Facebook, Twitter, DeviantArt and e-mail icons look lovely.

    Mrrr… sorry for the loss of the arrows. :c
    However, *newly added* you can click directly on the comic itself for “next”. Maybe that makes up for it, a little.

    But comics make the best bed-partners! They never hog the sheets.

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