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    Jules says:

    Saying “wonderful ” sounds so proper but the word means what it means. Your illustration today is particularly wonderful to me.

    Lezley says:

    Full of wonder… that’s beautiful. I feel honoured.
    Thank you.

    Stephanie says:

    I guess it is not a coincidence that the colours of the chakras match the colours of the rainbow?

    Does the energy of each chakra match the same frequency of the colour of light that is associated with it?

    If so, do the vibrations of the chakras change colour when the energy is ‘off’? That would help to diagnose problems…

    Though it also makes me wonder how the chakras would react if you were too close to a gravity well like a black hole / singularity…

    Kimberlee says:

    Hey steph- yes, we are all mini rainbows- light body’s / mini universes.
    The chakra colours do match colour frequency- and we also have the capacity to carry the full spectrum of colours/frequencies: some of the highest being Magenta, coral, or the iridescents.
    They change colour when blocked, and also shrink- they can get blackish spots in them, or become a dullish, brown colour- for instance the solar plexus can appear puky -yellow when stagnant in flow. The blackish spots actually behave like a black hole! Draining the energy or sucking from others – all created by choice, of course.

    bArt says:

    Wow… so legs are just for decoration, then…?

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