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    Victoria says:

    That secound panel shouldn’t have made me laugh so hard as it did.

    Hahaha!!! I know RIGHT? Schaedenfraude.

    Alice Quinn says:

    I think I split my sides

    Sydney says:

    An interesting discussion, Lezley. Does ‘Asian’ in this post include Japanese people? I’ve always understood the Japanese culture to be hyper-polite, which in my own short-sightedness I may have transferred to all Asian cultures. But maybe politeness in eastern cultures is different than showing what we westerners think of as ‘common-courtesies’ that you are depicting here.

    Interesting that you bring that up Syd. That conversation went down here if you care to read:

    “thedecay” and I have a bit of a back and forth about such a thing.

    “Asian” for my purposes here are mostly Chinese, but include all Asian groups that frequent the Pacific Mall where I work.

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