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    Bart says:

    Yeah, but who isn’t controlled by the electronic leash these days? Instant access to people is ruining relationships… Instead of getting a chunk of dedicated time with a person (friend or lover), we get what may be possibly “more” time with them, but only zombie them – who is thumb crazy or typing away and not paying attention 1/2 the time, or at best, continually interrupted conversations.

    In the beginning, mobile communication was a clever way to “create more time”, but now has perverted itself into this kind of ADD haze, where nothing gets done properly, we are continually interrupted by a useless text message which says nothing, but at the same time reliant on these “curse phones” and continual trips to 7-11 to buy “more credit” – and our focus is scattered throughout a billion different projects and people, all half complete…

    Its almost as if its been designed that way to distract us from discovering our “true selves” and the inherent telepathic abilities within…. Before cell phone and text message abuse, I used to be a lot more in tune with who was trying to get a hold of me, and when, just by feeling.. and I felt much more connected to the principles of unspoken communication.

    Tracy Brady says:

    Ruined Relationships? What are you talking about? What about that one guy last week who married his Virtual Life, uh, “girlfriend”?. That apparently is the future my friend. THE FUTURE! RUUUUN!

    I’m running baby – don’t forget the jello.

    Stephanie says:

    I saw that on the news. His girlfriend lives in his Nintendo DSI.
    So many questions. If they get in an argument, he can just turn her off. What if he uses other game cartridges? Does that constitute infidelity? How can he and she consumate the marriage?
    If things don’t work out, does she get half his stuff? Or does the Nintendo company get half his stuff?
    And why don’t we get cartridges like that in north america? Are we not yet ready for virtual soulmates?
    So many questions.

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