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    Ben says:

    You met me, I’m Asian, ergo… 😛

    Ahahaha! I had the exact same experience with all the Asians I’ve ever met…except that I’m Asian myself…who happens to suck at everything.

    Dawnofalice says:

    Ah, I think everyone thinks like that for something XD
    I had alot of people convinced since I’m native american I live in a igloo and do rain dances and junk XD

    and yes I stalked you from da XD

    Alice Quinn says:

    We develop all these biases when we are kids depending are where we are at, our world is so small when we were little but we thought that was all there is.
    I grew up in a tight Jewish community & everyone I knew was Jewish: at school, camp, family, synagogue, I didn’t realize how few Jews there are until I started going to public school.

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