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    Leanne says:

    Zero??? Seriously????? HAHAHAHA Maybe my big toe would fit …. 😀

    Victoria says:

    As a 6/7 when it comes to shoes… I may actually find some nice shoes that isn’t sketchers.

    jules says:

    LOL! I was once shopping in Pacific Mall & asked if they had a particular skirt in size 8. The clerk was quite emphatic about not carrying “large” sizes. Instead of S, M, L & XL, they had S, XS & XXS. Another time an older sales woman stopped me about 12″ inside the store to inform me that “So sorry, you very big, we have nothing for you.”

    bahahahaha!! I can hear you telling this story with your “Doris” accent. LAWL!!

    Dawnofalice says:

    Hmmm yeh it sucks >>
    I order mine offline alot

    Stephanie says:

    Yes, there’s nothing like the ego-whipping of approaching a store and catching the look of apologetic horror in the eyes of the sales clerk.

    No, there’s nothing for you in here. Please don’t ask. Please don’t make me say it.

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