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    Victoria says:

    How long have you two been dating when you said it? If it had been like two/three months I can see his point.

    Maybe you should went the path of “well i don’t want to date you if you are going to date around. you have become very special to me, you have been the best boyfriend i have had a in while” kind of thing.

    That is sort of what I said to mine at 6 months. He is horrified of the saying “I love you” so that wasn’t as scary for him.

    We’d been dating for 3 weeks. HA!!

    Alice Quinn says:

    Ohmygosh! I did the same thing! no joke, it freaked him out a bit but he calmed down passed the test & we’ve been together ever since <3

    lisa says:

    Hey, when you know, you know. Why beat around the bush! 😉

    Erin says:

    Lezley…I agree when you know you know. My husband and I were married 3 months after we met and it will be 18 years in a few months. It can happen. 🙂

    Rhys says:

    If I find you an Asian to have sex with will you have sex with him?

    Surely there’s some eligible Asians at that mall you worked at.

    What they lack in girth they make up for in apologies.

    I’ve made 3 comments under 3 names, fuck this gravatar system in it’s yellow butt.

    Rhys says:

    we’re giving Lezley traffic, so that’s something.

    The Asian guy needs to shave by the way.

    Rhys says:

    I still think this needs more Asians.

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