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    Jules says:

    I’m cringing. Keith, please say something reassuringly romantic on Wednesday.

    Rhys says:

    I can hook you up with a perfectly good Asian guy if this goes tits up

    I’m sure this will end nicely, but I wouldn’t be upset if you drew a graphic castration comic tomorrow.

    Perhaps a team of Asians fly through the window and take his soul away like that scene in ghost..

    Fesworks says:

    I once said I loved a girl after only a month. Right after sex too… that is ALWAYS the worst time to say it for the first time.

    … also, it turned out she just wanted sex, and not a relationship…. Stupid me :/

    NOT stupid you. I don’t think anything is ever lost by sharing love… except maybe ego.

    Good for you. You are brave in love – huzzah!

    Alice Quinn says:

    Cliffhanger much?! must have been worse when you where there

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