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    Alice Quinn says:

    True That! I like a man who can & will stand up for his beliefs & others. It is even better when he tries to negotiate peacefully but ends up punching his opponent anyway cause he is a douche

    Chris Howard says:

    Harper is getting such a punch.

    YES. I love anyone that punches Harper. I HATE that guy.

    jules says:

    Alice is sooo right. So impressive when a guy tries to negotiate first but quickly realizes that you have address idiots/morons/jackasses in the language they understand. And then takes care of business.

    Victoria says:

    … and that is why saber-tooth tigers no longer roam this earth.

    Bart says:

    Really? This is your comic for International Woman’s Day… Women like it when men fight? I suppose this is why so many young men aged 18-25, get into so much shit… Trying to prove themselves to find a mate, since there are no apt rites of passage utilized as a society… many create their own – with sometimes naivety triggered, dangerous consequences in response to their shout out to the infinitude to see if anything is there…..

    International Woman’s Day pisses me off. Every day is women’s day and the value and rights of women should be a common acceptance not one day of 365 to take notice. BULLSHIT.

    Fighting is genetically hot. Protect me and my babies. Kill the saber-tooth tiger and bring us meat = LOVE.

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