Words = sleeping.

Words = sleeping.

You want people to read your blog, share your posts, sign up for your mailing list and buy your stuff.

So, how do you keep them engaged?

…Cuz no one actually reads anymore.
First… assume that this is like kindergarten and everyone has the

…attention span of a teaspoon.



1. Use easily scannable titles

Keep them big and relevant.

No one has time to read – we scan.

This post is a perfect example. If you’re short on time, you could scan the headers and get your take away.

No need to read all the rest of it – it’s all just blah, blah, blargity blargh… see, no one’s even reading that.
sleeping book

2. Don’t make it too wordy.

God forbid anyone has to read a paragraph that has more than 3 sentences.

Break up big blocks of text with variety:

  • images – your art, or you in your studio making your art… or maybe cats.
  • bullet points (see what I did there?)
  • quotes
  • Text boxes
  • pull quotes
  • large, coloured fonts

Just like visual design – your post has to be visually tasty… um, I meant interesting. (tasty’s good too.)

3. White space is your friend.


(click the image for source.)

White space gives us room to breathe and rest and makes everything more comfy and… scannable.

And that’s it – simple, easy and you’re on your way to unsucky blog posts.

When in doubt – post a list or an infographic. People love that sh*t.

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