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    bArt says:

    Sounds more like that Volcano in Iceland… The one that has a bunch of international flights grounded right now. If it keeps melting away all the ice, down to the sea… Changing ocean temperatures, which perhaps cause catastrophic rains… In coastal communities, excessive runoff, from torrential rainfall, causes “Red Tide”, which is a bacteria from the land, run off into the water. During this time, you can’t eat shell fish from the ocean.. and it also affects other kinds of sea life, as well..

    Lezley says:

    Shit yah… but there was no volcano when I drew this strip. I watched the news and ironically, Iceland isn’t particularly bothered by the volcano. All 800 people evacuated are back and the ash is blowing all over the rest of Europe & the UK. mrrrrrrrr…..

    bArt says:

    You can still surf, during Red Tide, though… So, at least my plans for Armageddon, hopefully won’t be ruined…. 😉

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