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    AND… I’m trying out hand-lettering again. Mrrrr. :s

    Alice Quinn says:

    This should be interesting

    dgriff13 says:

    like, not at all? hrm. Not sure how I feel about that. If this comic won’t be about you, what will it be about? Maybe last week was a little… hmm.. uneventful drama-wise, but up until then I enjoyed it.

    It’s still all me… just expanded vision and more topics and different format.

    Victoria says:

    .. oh dear my complaining has caused trouble? I guess i should have been careful what I wish for.

    Hahaha!!! No Victoria, it’s not you my dear… this change has been on my mind for awhile, now is the time.

    Victoria says:

    Well if it makes you feel better I like last week comics.

    Aaron Broverman says:

    Good Move. Do you get superpowers now?

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