Day 163 - Happy Birthday
40 has NOTHING to do with “sorry”.
Christophe Verdier

In case you missed it – I’m turning 40 this month.

…and I’m pretty stoked about it.


Camdiluv ♥ / Amazing Photos / CC BY-SA

40 feels like freedom.

After 40 years of learning and trying to be aware and heal my crap, I’ve come to a place of relative calm about who I am.

I accept who I am.

I accept my flaws (which means they can’t be used against me). I am surrounded by wonderful loved ones who inspire me… and make me feel love for myself that I can attract such beautiful souls into my life.

(Give yourself credit for the amazing people in your life – they wouldn’t be they if you weren’t equally amazing. This is true.)

I accept the responsibility for my life and my happiness and have learned that nothing will happen or change for me unless I do it myself.

Finally at 40, I’ve stopped waiting for permission.


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    In case you missed it – I'm turning 40 this month and want to spread the 40 love with a freebie download:

    "40 for 40".
    40 Promotional Ideas for Artists: Offline & Online.


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