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    what a sad pout!

    Oh wait I remember why I went to comment. I once had a 12 dollar salad, too. Nothing can make it delicious enough to drown out the aching buyer’s regret.

    jules says:

    I LOVE those buffet places…so many tastes in one place! And then so many new beverages to choose from. I love to get my container full of eclectic food goodness and munch & slurp it while watching TV in my hotel room before falling into the deep sleep of exhaustion you experience after walking around NYC all day. HMMM…I need to go there again.

    That is almost exactly what happened that night *SPOILER ALERT*. lul.
    I don’t care how good it is, $12 is too much for leaves and chick peas. I wish I’d gotten more variety.
    But we ate there almost every day, so it all evened out. We also went to Chipotle. Chipotle is awesome and I had the most giantest burrito ever seen. And it was good.

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