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    Jules says:

    Yeah, and washrooms in NYC are so clean, well lit and easy to find.

    I peed in a bush once in New York!

    Alice Quinn says:

    Nah I pop-a-squat often, I went to a lot of bonfire parties in high school, sometimes it’s just easier & cleaner.
    The one time I really wanted to pop-a-squat & couldn’t was at Anime North. So many people, so few washrooms but I was wearing this one piece jumpsuit that really required a full bathroom.
    It seems we have similar washroom-related problems.
    I also have a small bladder & have to take pee breaks often, do you get that too?

    Hahahajhahaaa!!! I love your comments Alice! Luckily for me, I can hold my pee like a camel… It’s the other part of the duo that causes me the most angst. Yesterday I took my co-op girls out for sushi. I had to leave them in the mall and run back to the store!! We spent too much time shopping and I over estimated the countdown.

    Yeaaaah… This is all overshare isn’t it?

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