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    Victoria says:

    Many women your age would be jealous if they knew that young guys were attracted to you.

    Then again, you look young and act youthful… in a good way, not in the “you are way too immature for you age” youthful

    Bahaha!!! Thanks Victoria, you’re very sweet to say & I’m happy to be thought of as so youthful.
    24 yr olds aren’t generally in the same place as me when it comes to commitment and relationships. Sadly. 24 yr olds are great.

    Alice Quinn says:

    dude who cares?
    I’d hit that :p

    Who says I didn’t?
    (I didn’t)

    I don’t think picking up strange young hot men in a bar in NYC is ever the right choice. 😛

    Alice Quinn says:

    Ha this is probably why I get into so much toruble ;p

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