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    Greg says:

    FYI, you could have made a lot more off of guns and amphetamines.

    treehugger says:

    Hehehehe … I get less shakedown from the U.S. Border
    Guys.. Canada Customs is the worst.. They are quite adamant about,
    “getting their cut”… So, if you are bringing in “anything” of
    value from the U.S. they want you to pay the GST on it. Those
    bitches don’t give a rats ass whether its drugs or kitty cats. If
    it has value, they want to tax it… fast!!! Must be the CDN
    version of Free Trade… just like the U.S. imposes on our softwood
    lumber.. Moral(s) of the story… 1. You haven’t just “returned
    home”.. you’re being screened by ‘the man’ to see if you are
    guilty.. of anytihing! 2. Always have documentation, even if its
    fake…Names, dates, signatures and ideally phone numbers 3. Put on
    your friendliest smile and acquiesce to “the man”, until he
    violates your shit… then… start filming to cover your ass!
    Really, its just a guy doing his job and following protocol… so,
    “know the rules, so you can break them properly” to quoth the Dalai

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