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    How dare she!

    Hahah!! You sound like a prissy old lady. (but I totally feel the same way!)

    I would have totally went all ‘prissy old lady’ on her ass and yelled – “Well, I have never!” ( as I remove my monocle)

    Theory: maybe she loved the comics at first glance, and knew the most likely way to become a character in said comics was to do the bitchiest thing she could imagine.

    …this theory makes a lot more sense if you know that I mistakenly thought this took place at the actual convention…

    The theory still stands.
    *fist bump*

    Alice Quinn says:

    So, do I have to be a bitch to get in the comics?
    Because I work ‘cutesy nerd girl’ much better

    Cutesy nerd girl works perfectly. Cutesy nerd girl with plunging cleavage and a short micro skirt for the win! (just kidding!!… am I?) lul!

    Jules says:

    Snootie MacSnoterson.

    Lezley says:

    Crabby McBitcherson

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