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    Favorite line: “Fuck that noise…”
    – awesome sauce!

    Ha! It’s so eighties – no wonder you like it!

    Chris Howard says:

    That middle pic is like your signature self portrait. Just look at your avatar. I love it.

    It’s not “like” my avatar… it “is” my avatar. It’s very typical of my daily facial expressions.

    Alice Quinn says:

    what a bitch I hate that, it was totally an insignificant moment for her, but here you are thinking about it all day, I can totally relate.
    I am also a fan of “fuck that noise” I say shit like that all the time :p

    I had to pep talk myself out of feeling like crap. I think we forgot how much of an impact we have on others; how it’s just as easy to uplift as grind down.

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