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    tory says:

    squeee! love Bif Naked! Love Lezley Davidson! Two of my favorite things in one comic best thing ever!

    jules says:

    I get the feeling that Bif Naked wouldn’t be easy to please & would quickly recognize anything that didn’t ring true. She’s also a complete original in a world that doesn’t make that an easy accomplishment. To be hailed by someone like that must be awesome. Actually she sounds a lot like you Lezley!

    Thanks Jules, she’s definitely had an impact on my life… she’s pretty darn kick ass. *womanhoodlumism*
    (that’s my new favourite word)

    Carol says:

    You can be soooooo proud of your accomplishments Lezley!! Love you.

    This is awesome – and I know how great it must feel for someone you respect to see you and your work for what it is. This weird road we have chosen has alot of “does anyone even care” moments, so getting this type of acknowledgment is a life changer…now I wonder when Morrissey will get in touch with me and tell me how much I rock 😉

    simmerkimmer says:

    I’m proud of you sistah! I read every week!

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