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    Stephanie says:

    You could always use some creative liberties and add some explosions to liven things up?

    Call it a dream sequence or something…

    …but… no… you’re missing the point.

    jules says:

    Absolutely love panel three…the linework, the content, the message. Bravo & thank you!

    Chris Howard says:

    Well yeah, when you choose to put your soul in front of people, it’s not easy. First you have to confront and pull that stuff out of yourself and onto the page. then you go one step further and share it with others. What I actually found hardest wasn’t things about myself, but things that involved others like friends and family. I’m sure the discomfort of some of the family material was one of the factors that stalled me on doing autobio.

    Chris Howard says:

    But the people who get it, who connect with what you’ve shared and get some sort of personal value from it makes it worth the risk.

    I ask for permission… But it’s a dicey thing. Poor Inkstud didn’t know what he was agreeing to when he gave me carte blanche ‘okay’ to do whatever I wanted with him in the comic.
    He’s since clarified and asked for permissions to be granted everytime he appears from here on.

    Adam says:

    This is an important message that I hope many people take home. Be creative because you want to be, not because other people think that you can. I remember this lesson every day I play with my geeky online game.

    Ty says:

    I agree with Stephanie. Oh, I get the point. But explosions never go out of style, least of all when old men’s heads are doing the exploding.

    Jason Marcy says:

    Those type of comic “fans” will never grow out of their spandex clad nerdgasms. Good on you for taking the high road. Much admiration from me and also a lesson I need to learn!!

    Jason Marcy says:

    Panel three is absolutely beautiful, by the way.

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