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    Victoria in school says:

    Interesting. Interesting very much so. Where is this going?

    This is maximum humiliation and ends right now with the tags “inappropriate” and “never speaking of this again”.

    Also – heeeey, look at you reading the webcomics at school. (lulz)

    Victoria at home now says:

    I had time to waste until my next class.

    tory says:

    i laughed so hard i snorted when reading this.

    in a with not at sortof way! 🙂

    Thanks Tory… I fully expect to be snorted AT in today’s comic.

    Stephanie says:

    Score! 😀

    …for the gods of schaedenfraude.

    Victoria at home now says:

    Sorry to do this but have you ever watched ‘Work of Art?”
    It is a reality show about artist and they have competitions.
    There was this one artist who would put her head in a bag of water wait until she couldn’t breath then rip the bag open, let the water out and breath again.

    Your icon picture makes me think of that artist all the time. Mainly due to her having a picture of her ripping the bag which is very close to your picture.

    Anyway, sorry to bother you. I just had to comment.

    I’ve heard of it, but never watched. I’ll be sure to look for the “water bag” artist, if I do…

    Victoria says:

    it is a great show. totally look for it online.

    Jules says:

    Laying it all out there. This is SOOOO GOOD!

    Thanks Jules… (gawd – the stuff you love!! “DEEPER – GO DEEPER, NO. MORE. MORE. MOAAAR. GOOD… YOU’RE SHAKING AND SCARED. THIS IS FAR ENOUGH”).

    Athena says:

    D’aw, I’m sorry.

    PS I hope it’s not Justin Bieber.

    Hahaha!!! NOT Justin Bieber… so there is a little (micro-bit) less humiliation. :B

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