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    Drezz says:

    That’s the joy of “bigger” conventions – unless you know someone or they know you, they don’t really care.

    It’s such a great indie show AND they had a dedicated webcomics room… guh.

    jules says:

    To quote something I’ve seen lately and adopted…AWESOMESAUCE.
    I want a t-shirt of the FACK panel. Great drawing too!

    Chris Howard says:

    There’s always another year, and many other cons.

    Yah… but. BUT.
    Webcomics room!!!
    I felt like the only one in the class not invited to the birthday party.

    Victoria says:

    I want a T-Shirt that says “FACK!” Too. 😀

    EleanorMagpie says:

    Ugh. I do art/craft shows. I hate the rejection letter feeling. =P

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